Arise, shine.

Welcome to Create Your Own Productions (aka Cyopro)! The name has its genesis in a question my mother asked me, around the time I was trying to find meaning in places where others thought I should situate myself. "Why not create your own...?" I took a leap!

Leap, and a net will appear. - Natalie
Who's Annette? - Monk

My first book of poems, the anthology  - "Fourteen to Fortyish: The Formative Years" - was published September 2015. I'd like to borrow from the introduction: "I do not have a story. I am a story. I have a voice." Over 250 blog posts later (started out at, here we are.

To educate, enlighten and inspire. Sometimes you just need to be inspired to get to where you call Home. So, it's about life, loving thickly, laughter, writing...and whatever else may or may not fall within the categories listed. Here's hoping you - or a friend - can relate to my writing. Relatability. Yes, that would please me.

I continue to write. When you're suffocating, all you can think about is breathing. #WriteOrSuffocate #WhyIWrite

Thank you for stopping by. Here's hoping you will stay tuned  - and share!


P.S. Buy "Fourteen to Fortyish" directly from me via PayPal and get a signed copy - while my supply lasts.