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Lat’s Recipe For Sweet Potato Puddn

Hi! Thought I'd take a moment to wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays, even as we look forward to a new year! Soon, 2017 will be behind us, and we'll get another opportunity at a new year-sized canvas, our lives being spared. Each day has its own new canvas, of course. Thinking…
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Through My Fingers

Hi. It's me. 😊 I've come to share a poem I wrote recently. Not all writing is pub'd - but this piece will be. (If you're hearing an echo of "Not all heroes wear capes," that's what I was going for. 😊) In time for poetry month, too! I'm thinking it'll make the after-Fourteen-to-Fortyish collection.…
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When I’m Ready

Happy New Year! Took me a couple tries at the password to get back in here. No, really. I've taken a break from blog writing - since last August 28.  I started this blog back in August 2008. Well, you know the story - I've shared it a few times. Started it because I had…
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An Act of Kindness Every Day – Part III

It's a happy anniversary for this blog. My primary place in cyberspace. Eight years. Yes. Eight. And, this is blog post #301. Of a truth, the past few months have been rather trying. A few stressors here and there have impacted the when and how I write. In an effort not to get into details…
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