Lat’s Recipe For Sweet Potato Puddn


Thought I'd take a moment to wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays, even as we look forward to a new year! Soon, 2017 will be behind us, and we'll get another opportunity at a new year-sized canvas, our lives being spared. Each day has its own new canvas, of course. Thinking of a year-sized canvas brings its own pleasure and delight! 🙂

Now, regarding the title of this post, my sis, Lat, shared her recipe for (Jamaican) Potato Puddn years ago. Our mom used to make it (she doesn't bake much these days) and Lat has definitely added her own touch. A so comes (Jamaican for "so that's how") we got to asking her for her recipe and trying it out. After doing so, I sent her an email to let her know what went down. Figured I should share that as well.

Here we go:


4 big (Jamaican/ yellow) sweet potatoes

1 cup flour

1/4 cup cornmeal

1 pack coconut powder

1 cup sugar

1/2 tbsp salt

1 tbsp vanilla

1/2 cup butter

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp baking powder


Peel then dice potatoes

Whip in blender, adding a bit of water at a time (Don’t make it runny.)

Pre-heat oven to 350F


Mix butter, sugar, vanilla and pinch of salt (from same salt amount) nutmeg, cinnamon, coconut powder. Pour into pot and let it kinda liquefy over low heat. (You’re gonna need a new batch of this mix later for the fla fla.)

Add the mix, a little at a time, to the potato in blender

Blend – of course

Pour from blender into a bowl

Add dry ingredients a little at a time

(May or may not need to add more sugar later. Oh, taste and see.)

Pour mixture into baking pan (or dutchie – your call) and mix with a wooden or a firm plastic spoon.


Bake for about an hour

Test - knife inserted should come out clean

When baked, and top is firm(ish), add fla fla

Bake for another 10 minutes

Email to sis: How it Really Went

Well, umm, I used about 2½ potatoes. (Got the pale yellow ones from No Frills. They sell the "Jamaican Sweet Potatoes". The other deep orange-looking one is too soft.) Intended to use 3, but not fi nutten di sopm woulda blend! I got a bit tired of blending the so-so potato in portions. Finally added a cup of water, a little to each portion, to help it blend. (Also, a little coconut milk. And two corkful o’ rum.)

So, I just sprinkled some salt on the remaining diced ones and fried them. Yummy.

The mix needed more sugar. I ended up adding — after tasting and tasting — about 1 cup more. Oh, also because while mi deh deh a try figure out whether 400g of coconut milk a how much in terms of powder, the sugar mixture was on low heat but some of the sugar start turn to drops-like consistency. Lol! I had to fork out a few solid portions that got stuck to the pot bottom and replace with more sugar. So, I'd say that was in the additional 1 cup.

I used one can of Grace 400g coconut milk ($0.45 more than their competitor, but since I'm trying to "Buy Jamaican" and save a job…there was that.) The coconut powder pack is 300g, btw.

Oh, I added a 3rd corkful o’ rum to the new fla fla mix I had to make to put on top.

Thanks again!


Jackie Sparrow

#NotARumHead #IJustLikeRumInChristmasCakesAndPuddns


(Note: If this doesn’t turn out right, you and I would have to share the blame. Lat makes a wicked potato puddn!)

(Another note: Hold back on the rum if this will be served to children. Plus, the rum is clearly optional.)

Enjoy! And, Merry Christmas!





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