The Six-Year-Old and Layers of Being

"To be, or not to be, that is the question..." - Shakespeare

(#WellActually, that's not even a question, but, let's move on.)

Earlier this year, my sis and her family, including my six-year-old niece, KiKi, were heading back from a function. En route, we had to make a stop. I popped in to Dollarama and got her and my nephew a couple of stuffed toys. She got the moose. She broke into a smile when she saw it, as, she exclaimed, she had a smaller moose at home.

When we got home, we grabbed the smaller moose and took off again. This time, to go celebrate the day's accomplishment.

I sat behind my niece and nephew as my BIL drove the family van. Kiki suggested she and I should pretend we are animals and we're on our way someplace.

She was the smaller moose.

Me: Okay, little moose, we're going to...the zoo!
Kiki: Okay, big moose, to the zoo!
Me: How much is it to get in?
Kiki: Five dollars.
Me: What?! Five dollars? That's a lot of money!
KiKi: Oh, just pay the five dollars.
Me: Okay. Which of the animals are we going to see first?
Kiki: Let's go see Lion.

(We each move our moose along the top of the middle row seat to proceed to Lion's den.)

Me: [Using my inside voice] I'll be Lion, okay?
Kiki: [Inside voice) Okay. [Then, louder] Hello, Lion!
Me: Hi, Moose!
Kiki: What??!! A talking lion??!!

The child has a quizzical look on her face, and her surpriseĀ is convincingly palpable.

Me: But...but we've been talking all this time...and we're moose!
Kiki: What?! We're moose?! And we can talk?! What in tarnation is going on??!!

To this day, I'm cryin'!

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