Winter (Finally) Showed Up

It wasn't the White Christmas many (of us) had looked forward to. Christmas Eve  2015 came in at about 17°C. Sis and I took Sydney for a walk on the nearby trail. We got pics, too. Figured I'd need proof, should anyone doubt we were "oot n aboot" in warmish sunny weather on December 24.

Christmas Day was a tad cooler. Okay. Temps fell to about 10°C, I think. Still,  much higher than seasonal. It was great!

The first real sign of winter came about three days after Christmas. But today? Temps plummeted to a wind chill low of -21°C! I returned to the parking lot at the GO station to find my car something of a huge marshmallow. The windscreen wipers stuck out like two sticks, far too weak to support the marshmallow over a fire I could only wish for.

What's that saying? If winter comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion? Make it stop, already.


*grabs snowscraper*


Sydney's first Christmas Eve. If only she knew.


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