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Happy New Year! Yes, it's only the 8th. It's still a thing.

I love a new year! Love. It. I must have mentioned this, like, several times before. It's so new and fresh and clean, and filled with such promise and hope! *inhales* ....... *exhales* Glorious, eh?

Anyway, regarding the title, it's totally not about catching feelings for, or being romantically involved with, a co-worker. Okay. How many of you did I just lose? Lol!

Read this somewhere: If you don't like where you are, move. You are not a tree.

It gets a little harder to move if a part of that moving involves breaking an emotional bond.

Enter: The office.

"Where," you may ask, "are you going with this, Claudia?" To which I'd reply, "Patience, my good man," or, y'know, "Patience, my good woman." Allow me to take the time to first let you in on the event that birthed my decision to write about this topic.

Recently, my boss asked me for a moment to speak to me. Not many thoughts ran through my mind regarding the likelihood of subjects. One thought concerned an enquiry about my outlook for the new year, or something along those lines. As we both had the time then, we met shortly before the end of my workday. After giving me a bit of context for the upcoming request, I was asked, in that way when you're being shown the courtesy of being told, to relocate to another station to make way for a colleague whose new responsibilities required the privacy mine possessed. I got it. I asked about my options and was given a choice. I said okay, and chose. Quickly.

My boss was clearly taken aback and kind of blurted out, "Is that it?" I said, "Yeah, it's fine. I'm not attached to my station." I couldn't help chuckling. My boss was at a loss for words, or so it seemed. Finally, "Thank you, Claudia! You've made this so easy! I really appreciate this..." I repeated that it was okay, really, and that I am not tied to offices and stations and titles. (I had given up a position and an office several months before.) Change happens. I then echoed a tweet I'd read that said stteo: If you are only defined by your work, you're in a bad way; vulnerable. So, too, by extension, offices and workstations. We shared the opinion that, indeed, some folks do get attached to offices, workstations, titles, and such.

I thought about it after and was simply thankful that I am as God made me. (Yes, it's a Monk reference.) Just glad that that's not a thing for me.

All this kinda reminded me of something else I read: "You cannot be a housewife. Marriage to buildings is illegal." Hahahahaha!

It's a metaphor, eh? If one is constantly reaching for the stars, how absurd to be mentally or psychologically tied to one's office or workstation or title - that symbol of where one is in life at the moment? Autograph your work with quality, but reach higher, baby! Reach higher!

Hey, here's to an unshackled, amazing, and joyous 2016!

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