Through My Fingers


Hi. It's me. 😊 I've come to share a poem I wrote recently. Not all writing is pub'd - but this piece will be. (If you're hearing an echo of "Not all heroes wear capes," that's what I was going for. 😊)

In time for poetry month, too!

I'm thinking it'll make the after-Fourteen-to-Fortyish collection. Yeah.

Through My Fingers

I held you
in my arms
trying to get from you
to hold on to.
for the future.
I got nothing.

It pleased you
that I continued to hold
long after I had let go.
But, over time,
you disappeared altogether,
and the memories of you
began to slip
my fingers.

Yes, things have changed.

Since you left,
another came
and went.
Did another come and go
for you, too?
We've changed,
we've grown.
We've come to know
what matters most
and what's worth
holding on to.



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