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When I’m Ready

Happy New Year! Took me a couple tries at the password to get back in here. No, really. I've taken a break from blog writing - since last August 28.  I started this blog back in August 2008. Well, you know the story - I've shared it a few times. Started it because I had…
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An Act of Kindness Every Day – Part III

It's a happy anniversary for this blog. My primary place in cyberspace. Eight years. Yes. Eight. And, this is blog post #301. Of a truth, the past few months have been rather trying. A few stressors here and there have impacted the when and how I write. In an effort not to get into details…
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May Break – 2

I'm here, but not quite. Just wanted to drop by to let you know I'm still on my (sorta) break. Yes, I'm using this time to get some ideas together. I'm pondering their treatment in my heart. There are a few matters I'd like to write about, and they will certainly take more than two…
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