An Act of Kindness Every Day – Part I

August is special around here. Glad you asked.

Blog anniversary month! Eight years, baby! Yeah, I'm thankful.

Here's an idea I'm hoping - and working - to bring to life. For the next year, I will record one act of kindness I've noticed each day. I don't go looking for it, although, I believe, were I to actively do that, I'd perhaps notice more of them. What I do do is reflect on the day and trust that something will stand out. Now, I gotta be honest, as I realized by August 7, if I don't record them promptly, they are likely to get lost. The memory, even of something pleasant, might not stand out in the din of distractions and the itsy bitsy pieces of life we don't usually pay attention to but simply muscle memory our way through. And, by August 8? I need to get out more. I've developed quite a routine. Who knew?

Ok, fine. I knew. Work sometimes takes me hither and yon across Ontario, but outside of that, the day-to-day is fairly predictable. *shrugs*

So, so far? Here are the gems. Oh, one more thing before I get into them. If there's something else I want to write about in any given post during the year, I'm reserving the right to. Okay? Okay. Oh, one more one more thing. I could all of these by saying, "I thought that was nice." I won't. The thought is implied. 🙂

August 1, 2016
My 7yo niece and 4yo nephew had been having a ball at the water park. But, we were now waiting in line to buy lunch. My nephew, shivering under his towel, began to ask for his mom. She was no more than about 50 metres away but it was a kind of a maze to get to her, given the park benches and the sunbathers. He started off and within seconds, went off-track. My niece called out to him, "I'll take you!" He heard her voice and stopped to wait until she caught up. She put her arm around him and accompanied him to their mom.

August 2, 2016
It was rush hour downtown Toronto. That's pretty much any hour. Yet, a driver at Bay and Wellesley let another driver ahead in his lane as both realized the right turning lane was blocked.

August 3, 2016
Getting out of those two-person seats at the end of the upper car of the train can be tricky. During the morning commute, one just hopes the passenger already standing in the aisle will let you join the queue. Either that, or you are left languishing until everyone else leaves the car. True, more often than not, the latter doesn't happen. That's how come it wasn't hard to remember the woman who let the man ahead of her that morning.

August 4, 2016
My colleague and I got lost trying to leave the building on the college campus after making our presentation. My colleague stopped a student to ask directions. The student offered to walk with us. We started to decline, thinking we were interrupting her schedule. She assured us, however, it was fine as she was on her lunch break. She walked with us until we caught our bearings.

August 5, 2016
We were all tuned in to the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics from our respective places of abode. After watching for a while and waiting eagerly for Canada and Jamaica to make their entrance, my sis, Nadine, sent a tip: Keep an eye on the bottom left corner of the screen. The upcoming countries' flags were displayed there. Yeah. That certainly helped. We didn't miss a beat for the pics and vids.

August 6, 2016
The cashier at the Sally Beauty Supply store suggested another store location when she realized she did not carry what I wanted. She suggested the other store might carry it as they have an additional four feet of shelf space for ethnic hair products.

August 7, 2016
Got to church a little late and most of the seats were taken - as far as I could spy with my little eye. I stood carrying out my surveillance, only to see someone move to my left. A man got up from the seat at the end of the row and asked, "For one?" I nodded. He stepped into the aisle so I could pass him to take the seat next to his. I whispered, "Thanks," and took my seat.

August 7, 2016 (I know. Had to.)
Mother presented my sisters and me with surprise gifts - matching multi-earring sets! Now, the four of us have the exact same pairs of earrings! Reminds me of when she made matching dresses for us when we were children. Lol!

August 8, 2016
Took Sydney out for a walk. On the trail, I saw a woman walking toward us with her - not one but - two Shih-Tzus. Syd's a fine dog. She's very intelligent, and training her has been so easy, I really cannot take all the credit. There haven't been many instances when I need to call her by her full name. (Read: "Come here to me Sydney Bristow!") However, when she sees other dogs one her walk, she can get, shall we say, animated. Realizing the mayhem that was about to occur, she said hi, then quickly steered them away from Syd and me. Crisis averted!

As that song says, "Human kindness overflowing/And I think it's gonna rain today."

There's more where these came from. I'm sure of it!


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