Clarity of Thought

They say hard writing makes for easy reading, and vice versa. They (different "they") say clear writing is clear thinking. The truth is, sometimes a writer's thoughts are not clear. And, while the words hit the page, the thought unfolds. Oftentimes, the writer stops, mid-sentence, hand to cheek, wondering what to write next. The idea is there, but sometimes it is not a well-thought-out idea. That's right, sometimes there is no clarity of thought.

And, a reader can tell. It doesn't have to be an insightful reader, either. If it feels like sloppy writing, looks like sloppy writing and reads like sloppy writing, then, guess what, it's a a pair of sunglasses on a rainy day. A lot of time has been wasted in the writing and the publishing and the reading. It goes without saying but, I'm gonna say it for it needs to be said: People's time should be respected - the writer's and the reader's.

So, what makes a writer write, even when the writing is, on paper, just so-so? It's because she must. #writeorsuffocate, remember?

There have been other occasions where the idea is grand but as the words fall gently/not so gently on the page, the whole thing (not a piece of the thing, now) crumbles. One is left asking herself, why was I not able to hold on to the grandeur and articulate it just right? This is not the occasion of which I speak.

No, I speak of when one is too tired, too stressed, too focused on a particular slice of life happening that it is nigh impossible to think clearly hence, write clearly - write something truly gripping or inspiring or, at the least, helpful. But, one must get words out, whatever form or shape they may take. For, in doing so, at that exact moment, in the shabbiness and unpreparedness and vagueness of it all, is the capturing of the quintessential rationale behind the less-than-stellar. It is a point of reference, if you will, against which to compare the genius that is sure to emerge once she gets through the (long) valley of the tiredness and stress.



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