When I’m Ready

Happy New Year!

Took me a couple tries at the password to get back in here. No, really.

I've taken a break from blog writing - since last August 28.  I started this blog back in August 2008. Well, you know the story - I've shared it a few times. Started it because I had something to say. The discipline of 8th, 18th and 28th really helped me stay committed to the passion of writing in this medium.

Round about last summer, I began feeling and thinking that I didn't have much different to say; I'd said what I had wanted to - up to then. What I didn't want was to start thinking people were hanging on to my every word - (ha!) - and feel pressured that I had to post. So, I took a break.

Recently, I've begun feeling the urge to share some new stories and experiences. I'll resume writing - when I'm ready.

#WellActually, they're already written - just not typed. 🙂

("I may already be dead, just not typed." - Harold Crick, Stranger Than Fiction)

- Claudia

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